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CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement!  We are super excited for you and hope to hear more about you, your wedding, and all your dreams.

Our 90 minute, intimate bridal appointments are designed to give you the best bridal experience.  We want you to feel confident and comfortable.  We want you to have fun.  We want it to be relaxing and memorable, with lots of smiles, and we accept tears of joy!  When you and your guests walk through our door, you become part of our family.  Our expert stylists will take excellent care of you and help you discover and find some perfect dresses for your beautiful wedding day.  And when you find the "one", oh my, are we going to celebrate!  Bring your best people with you!
When scheduling we do take a credit card to hold your appointment.  If you cancel or no show within 72 hours of your appointment, there is a $75 charge.  If you need to a fast appointment within 48 hours, please call 412-447-8070 as our calendar closes online.


Schedule Your Flower Girl, Accessories or Dress Pick Up by Calling 412-447-8070.

If you do not see your perfect time, please give us a call.
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