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Jasmine Bridal

Jasmine Bridal

Exclusive, gorgeous and luxurious.  This is the Jasmine Bridal line!  You can find it right here at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio,  We have both the Jasmine Collection and Jasmine Couture line.

The Jasmine wedding dresses are know for their excellent quality, beautiful designs, and luxurious comfort.  Hence, this includes beautiful lace, exquisite beading and jersey silk unlay’s that are so divine.  Because of this, you will not want to get out of your perfect Jasmine dress! 

Come visit us and try on some of the most comfortable and trendy wedding dresses in the bridal world. 

New wedding dresses and trendy fashions arriving all the time.  Make sure to book the best bridal experience online today by going to the Book Now page.

Customization means a one-of-a-kind dress for you

Customizations and modifications can be done to any Jasmine dress.  So if you find yourself saying “I really like that dress, if only it had….”.  No problem.  Let’s design you one-of-a-kind wedding dress that is just for you. These included, but not limited to, adding sleeves, beading, illusions, changing fabrics, changing necklines, and other great options.


Here are some of the beautiful Jasmine styles in the studio.

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