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About This Magc Moment Bridal Studio

Samantha Karcher, Owner

Sam comes from a background of accounting and taxes, so why a bridal store, you may ask. Well, her and her husband, Brian were always on the lookout for ways to break into the wedding industry because they enjoyed planning their own back in 2018.

During an appointment for Brian's sister, one of the founders of the business, Mashel, randomly decided to mention that her and her business partner, Lisa were looking to sell the store. Sam was the first person she had mentioned this too!

It must have been fate that brought Mashel to bring this up that day. Since then, Sam and her husband worked to get things in place to make it happen! While everything was in motion, Sam worked for a few months under Mashel and Lisa's guidance, learning quickly and finding that she is a natural working with Brides looking for their perfect dress!

She is excited to be on this new journey and ready to build this business for a new generation of Brides!

Our bridal shop is about giving the best experience whle you find your perfect dress!

Mashel Rathmell & Lisa Tosatto Filter, Founders

Lisa Tosatto Filter and Mashel Rathmell were in the wedding business for over ten years helping brides find that perfect dream wedding dress that makes them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful like a bride.

For several years, these ladies have done pop-up wedding shows and sales around the Pittsburgh region.  You may have heard of them as This Magic Moment Wedding Sale?

Their business grew over the next few years, providing a beautiful storefront showcasing a large selection of designer dresses in one of Pittsburgh's historic neighborhoods.

These ladies provided a relaxing and enjoyable environment for Brides, rather than the pushy salesman approach. This is the foundation of the business and one that will sure live on.

Mashel and Lisa will still be around and you may even see them at the store on the weekend!

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